Cats Look Awkward As Ever As They ‘Shake It Off’ For New Photo Book

Capturing cats after a good ear cleaning provides plenty of cute, derpy pictures.

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Photographer Carli Davidson's newest book features cats in mid-shake.

Photographer Carli Davidson has found a unique way to capture furry felines on film doing something most would think wouldn’t warrant a photo — up-close-and-personal pictures of felines in mid-shake following a professional ear cleaning (or just rubbing their ears).

Davidson’s newest book, “Shake Cats,” will hit stores Oct. 27, 2015. And not unlike previous incarnations — “Shake” and “Shake Puppies” — this project provides a guaranteed smile to all who view it.

“My work is totally unpredictable… I never know what to expect from one week to the next,” Davidson, who also is an animal activist, said in a YouTube video. “That’s something I love about it.”

Check out a sneak peek of the book below. If the photos themselves don’t make you smile, the adorable and sometimes funny shots are sure to highlight the love the photographer has for all things furry.

“And you felt the need to clean my ear, because… ?” 

Bib, anyone? With every good shake comes a little slobber.

Abominable Snowman or a cat mid-shake?

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