Photographer Does Newborn Photo Shoot With Bunny

These photos are sure to leave you saying, “aww.”

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This is Tooni Junior. Via BoredPanda
Cari Jorgensen

Ashraful Arefin is a fine art photographer out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He’s “inspired by the simple, little, beautiful things in our lives,” he wrote in his Facebook bio, and he tries to portray that appreciation in his work.

Arefin has two pet rabbits that he enjoys taking photographs of (which he posts on Instagram). When one of them, Tooni, gave birth, Arefin decided it would be fun to do a newborn photo shoot with the little rabbit.

“Watching her growing up every day, opening her eyes for the first time, wiggling her tiny nose… everything was just so special! This was my try to capture those sweet moments and share my happiness with other people through the photos,” he said in a post on Bored Panda.

We think he did a pretty good job and sharing the happiness. Take a look.

1. Tooni Junior Is Born

The little thing came into the world on New Year’s Day.

2. Introducing Tooni Junior

So tiny.

3. Up Close And Personal

Look at that little nose!

4. Snuggled Up

Newborns need to keep warm.

5. Sleepyhead

Being born is hard work.

6. Tooni Junior, Growing Up

Still adorable!

7. Kisses

Who doesn’t want to give a baby kisses?!

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