Photographer Captures Images of Aging Dogs in New Book

"Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now” showcases the touching lifespan of our canine companions.

Dog Years

 Barnes & Noble

I’m sure if we looked we could find a photo of our dog when he or she was a puppy and one of him or her as a senior dog. If we put those pictures side by side, we’d recognize them both, but would possibly be startled by how much our beloved dog has aged. It’s not something we necessarily notice when we live with them and see them every day.

Amanda Jones has worked with dogs for over 20 years photographing them at different stages of their lives. It was this experience that led her to her book of portraits called Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now, according to the introduction in her book.

“A dog’s life is a span that marks so much in our lives. We get them as puppies and they are cute and goofy, driving us crazy with constant chewing on furniture and shoes, as well as making a mess of the house. Then we teach them and they learn to behave better (sometimes). The connection over time deepens, and as our dogs age, the tides shift and we tend to learn more from their teachings – to relax, to be joyful, to throw caution to the wind, and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. Life really is better with a dog by your side,” Jones wrote in her introduction.

We couldn’t agree more.

In her book, Jones revisited dogs she’d photographed as puppies as well as included her own dog, Lily, a Dachshund, in the book. It is at once an adorable book of dogs and a touching tribute to the time we have with them.

Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now is available on Amazon and in book stores. To see Jones’ photography, visit her website.

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