Photographer Captures Beautiful Portraits Of Shelter Dogs

Her goal is to photograph every dog at the Arkansas shelter.

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Ms. Wesson and her sister were both abandoned on a rural road. Via Tammy Swarek Photography/Facebook

When you’re not at your best, when you’re down or when you feel completely alone in this world, nothing can pull you back to your feet like being made to feel beautiful. Tammy Swarek knows that’s true whether you have two feet or twice as many paws. The Arkansas-based photographer has an ongoing series of portraits called ‘The Shelter Pets Project,’ in which she dresses adoptable dogs in the finest four-legged fashions, photographs them and shares their stories.

According to Swarek’s Facebook page, she hopes to snap all of the dogs who are waiting for homes at Union County Animal Protection Society. “Adoption rates are skyrocketing on the photographed animals,” she wrote in an update. That isn’t surprising. Beyond the carefully selected clothing and the soft lighting, her photographs capture the dogs at their most soulful, their most engaging, and yes, at their most beautiful.

Here are a few of her portraits.

1. Misty

Misty and one of her pups were abandoned at a spillway. She, along with many of the other dogs pictured, are available for adoption at UCAPS (unless someone has already taken her home).

2. Tramp

Doesn’t Tramp look dapper in a fashionable red bow tie? He has been adopted.

3. Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue looks like a lost British monarch. Or perhaps a future one.

4. Casanova.

Underneath his cable-knit sweater vest is the heart of a serious snuggler.

5. Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith and her sister were both abandoned at 6 months old.

6. Opal

Awww, say hello to Opal, who was found in a Home Depot parking lot. She and her sister (who was rescued as well) are three-month old Blue and Red Heeler mixes.

7. Penny

According to Swarek, little Penny “ran the show like a boss” on the day of these photo shoots.

8. Lady

Tramp’s sister could only have one possible name: Lady.

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