Photographer Captures Beautiful Bond Between Little Kids And Giant Dogs

The special relationship children have with their large-breed dogs is the subject of a new photo series by Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff.

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Friends forever. Via andyseliverstoff/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Growing up with a dog is an invaluable experience for a child. Taking care of the dog teaches kids responsibility. It teaches them to put another’s needs ahead of their own. But most of all, the dog becomes their best friend. A furry, four-legged friend, but a friend nonetheless. Photographer Andy Seliverstoff captures that bond beautifully in his “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” project.

For the project, Seliverstoff photographed little kids and their giant canine companions, from Saint Bernards to Newfoundlands to Great Danes.

Seliverstoff, who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, is particularly fond of Great Danes.

“They touch me emotionally and I just can’t get enough photos of them!” he writes on his website.

And we just can’t get enough of his photos. Luckily, he’s coming out with a book, which you can pre-order here.

Until then, here are some of friendships he’s captured between little kids and the giant dogs they love.

1. These friends love to jump and play.

Double Jump with Moskow Watchdog #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs #moskowwatchdog

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Monkey see, monkey do.

2. These friends can talk for hours.


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One mainly talks while the other listens.

3. These friends can sit quietly together without saying a word.

On the Road #greatdane

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That’s one of the telltale signs of a true friendship.

4. These friends are always looking out for each other.

Nanny for a Child #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs #greatdane

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They’ve got each other’s backs.

5. These friends know how to make each other laugh.

#greatdane #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs

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Friends always make you laugh a little harder.

6. These friends are adventure seekers.

#littlekidsandtheirbigdogs #stbernards

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Watch out, world! These two are coming through.

7. These friends know how to accessorize.

Jogging on Shopping #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs #newfoundland

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8. These friends know how much they are loved.

Fondness #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs #greatdane

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There’s nothing like the a hug from a friend to make you feel like all is right with the world.

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