Photogenic Dog in the Snow is Very Photogenic

And I can’t stop doing this weird squinty thing in one eye when I take a photo.

It’s no secret: everyone likes to take a photo out in the first snow of the season. By the time February rolls around, no one likes it anymore, but in December, it’s beautiful. Since I moved from Chicago to Southern California, I don’t have to worry about that anymore! But anyway, enough about me, more about this photogenic dog. 

Photogenic Dog 

Redditor The_Only_Abe posted a photo titled “My friend’s dog is pretty photogenic”,  which at the time of this reporting has earned more than 5,000 upvotes and over 1,200 comments. (To be fair some of the comments are weird and unrelated, just putting that out there incase you decide to do an in-depth study of this dog’s rise to fame. We warned you.)  

Sure, the dog is photogenic, but many dogs are, there is clearly something else going on here. Something you don’t see in most dog’s faces. 

Most of the commenting (we weeded through it for you) on this picture have been concerned with how human the face of this dog looks, comparing him to the likes of either actor Elijah Wood or Gary Sinise. Many people giving the dog whose name we do not know, a new name: Lieutenant Dan.

Need a closer look?

 Photogenic Dog 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any more information on this guy or any other photos of him looking a little bit too human. But it looks like he’s having a good winter so far!

Do you think this dog looks like anyone you know? Tell us in the comments below.  

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