Photo Series Of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter May Be The Best Thing On The Internet

Who knew giving dogs peanut butter would be the quickest way to get them to smile?

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Dogs model for peanut butter payments and the result is awesome. Via Greg Murray/Kickstarter
Cari Jorgensen

You’ve no doubt been scouring the Internet searching for the perfect thing — you know, that thing that you can share with all your friends, that thing that you saw first that makes you the envy of your social network. This. Is. It.

Dogs plus peanut butter equals amazingly cute photos that are the definition of the best thing on the Internet.

Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray is the brainchild behind these pictures, and this past January, Murray asked his clients for permission to photograph their dogs eating the sticky treat — just for fun, reports. The result? A book, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter, called “For the Love of Peanut Butter.”

And this being a photo book, we couldn’t help showing off some of the models’ poses.

1. The “Oh, So What If There’s Peanut Butter On My Face” Pose

This pose involves throwing one’s head back and to the side as if nothing matters.

2. The “Let Me Get That For You” Pose

This pose requires more than one model.

3. The “I’m About To Sneeze” Pose

This pose is often used for allergy and tissue ads.

4. The “Prep” Pose

Often seen on a model’s social media page, this pose shares all the behind the scenes secrets. In this case, a spoonful of peanut butter. Shh.

5. The “You’re Getting My Best Side” Pose

This pose involves the model looking one way or the other in an effort to present the peanut butter chin in the best way possible.

6. The “You Have Enough Photos Already” Pose

Often utilized when the photographer turns his or her back, this pose is rarely caught on camera.

7. The “Pretend I’m Not Getting Paid Handsomely In Peanut Butter For This” Pose

Dog models plus peanut butter equals the best thing on the Internet. The dogs know this.

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