Photo Series Captures One Dog’s Utter Disgust For ‘Little Brother’

Walter, a Boston Terrier, gives the most epic side-eye you’ve ever seen when his "brother" Max approaches.

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“Here comes this clown… AGAIN.” Via maxandwalterInstagram
Chrissa Hardy

Little brothers. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em… or maybe you can live without them.

Boston Terrier Walter, 5, was living the only child dream, getting all the attention and ear scratches a dog could want. Then one day little Max came along.

“He was in a bad state when we adopted him, he had never been taken on a walk, house trained, nothing,” owner Steven Yasgar, a 35-year-old professional drummer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, told Buzzfeed. “He’s been annoying Walter ever since.”

The mild tension between the two “brothers” is quite obvious in this photo series Yasgar posted on Instagram.

The first photo shows a happy Walter hanging out in the yard. But soon things begin to change. Walter becomes aware that 4-year-old Max is approaching, and his happiness quickly goes away.


“He’s behind me with the goofy grin of his, isn’t he?” Via maxandwalter/Instagram

Then it seems Walter can tell that Max is abundantly eager to hang with his “big bro,” and Walter is clearly not in the mood. In the final picture, you can practically hear the growl and the “ugh” that probably followed.


“You did this to me, Dad.” Via maxandwalter/Instagram

Here is the full post for your viewing pleasure:

“He’s a little asshole.” – Walter on Max

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And here’s a post from a few days after the backyard incident. It looks like things still haven’t changed.

Happy 4th of July boys! “Goblin is annoyed.” – Walter

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Can somebody give them their own reality show, please?

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