Petting with a Purpose

Massage provides hands-on healing for your furry friend.

Three years ago, Candi S. of West Virginia, noticed her 13-year-old rescued Bichon Frisé mix, Nikki, slowing down. She didn’t seem her usual limber self, and getting up and down looked painful. Her veterinarian diagnosed arthritis and prescribed a pain-management drug for her.

Cindi had personally experienced the benefits of massage for more than 10 years, but had always considered canine massage more of a feel-good treat than a treatment for health conditions. “I was all for giving Nikki a treat at that difficult time in her life, so I took her to see canine massage therapist Becky Brandenburg in Martins Ferry, Ohio.” Nikki showed immediate improvement after her first massage, and with follow-up biweekly sessions, her need for meds dropped from daily to once or twice a week.

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