Petsmart Solicits Innovative Pet Product Ideas

Dog owners are asked to submit their ideas for innovative pet products.

Petsmart is on the hunt for innovative pet product ideas from pet owners. The Phoenix-based retailer has teamed up with Edison Nation of Charlotte, N.C., to help screen concepts for a broad range of pet products.

“By working with Edison Nation, we’re able to get a really big outreach to pet parents,” said Petsmart spokeswoman, Jessica White. “We’re always looking for new ways to help pets live happy, healthy lives.”

Pet owners and inventors alike who think they have a unique concept for a pet product can pitch their idea to Edison Nation through its “Live Product Search.” Some areas to consider include innovations in toys, travel and stay-at-home crates, gates and pens, collars and leashes, beds, grooming tools, waste management and upscale automatic water feeders. Products may be geared toward dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

If a product concept is chosen, the person who submitted the idea will receive a $2,500 advance on royalties, a percentage of sales for up to 20 years and an opportunity to have his or her product on Petsmart shelves.

The fee to submit an idea is $25. The search ends Nov. 30.

This is the second time Petsmart has teamed up with Edison Nation. The two companies worked together earlier this year to launch a search for interactive pet toys.

Mary Dickson, Edison Nation spokeswoman, said 58 top concepts were presented to Petsmart a few months ago. She said the retailer is still deliberating which, if any, will be chosen.

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