Petsmart Recalls 1.75 Gallon Fish Bowls Due to Injury Reports

There are reports the fish bowl caused cuts and in some cases lacerations to tendons in the hands.

Petsmart has announced a recall of its PetSmart  Greater Choice or Top Fin 1.75 gallon fish bowls due to reports of the glass bowl breaking during normal use, including reports of cuts to the fingers and hands of those who used the bowl. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, seven people who purchased the bowl required stitches and three required surgery for lacerated tendons.

Petsmart has recalled a 1.75 gallon fishbowl due to reports of them breaking and causing injuries.

PetSmart is asking customers who purchased the fish bowl, which look like a large brandy snifter,  to stop using them and return them to any Petsmart store for a full refund.

The Chinese-made bowls were sold at PetSmart from March 2010 to September 2013. The SKU number for this product is 5140161 and the UPC code is 737257187092. These codes can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the bowl. PetSmart is reported to have sold 81,300 bowls in the United States and 4,000 in Canada.

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