Pets Help With Life’s Transitions


My sister and I knew we would have to move my mom into some kind of assisted living facility after she was diagnosed with dementia. This is one of those life transitions that can be difficult for all involved. I knew it would be easier for Mom if I could find a place that would accept her cat and dog.

The process started several months ago. I did some research on the Internet and asked friends and family for references of assisted living facilities. Every weekend, Mom and I visited a facility and judged whether or not it was the right place for this next phase of her life.

The first place we visited was very nice, but would only allow the cat to live there. Mom was unwilling to move without her dog and I knew I had to find a place that would allow both pets.

The next place we visited was huge and very posh, but the feeling we got there wasn’t comfortable. 

The third place we visited felt right to both of us.  We visited three different times and every time we went, people were friendly, we met several residents and their dogs and the staff was great. And Duchess (the Yorkie) and Baby Kiss Kiss (the cat) could live with her in her studio apartment.

The move took place last Saturday and I’m pleased so say it went very smoothly.  The best part is that her dog and cat seemed right at home as soon as the movers left.  Duchess has been a great ambassador and is helping Mom make new friends in her new home. And I can rest easier knowing Mom is getting the care she needs.

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