Pets and Pals Seeks Dog Photo Entries

Dog lovers are invited to enter the American Humane Association’s Pets and Pals photo contest.

The American Humane Association is now accepting entries for the 2008 Pets and Pals photo contest. Professional and amateur photographers can submit as many photos as they please from now until July 31, 2008. Two grand prize winners will receive $2,000.

AHA has expanded the contest this year, adding more categories and more prizes. Pet lovers can submit photos in the following categories:

  • Dogs: Dogs are natural photo hounds. This category is open to pictures of one dog alone or more than one dog together.
  • Cats: Capture your cat looking her best. This category is open to pictures of one cat alone or more than one cat together.
  • People & Pets: Celebrate the bond between your pet and a special human. This category is open to pictures of one or more animals with one or more persons.
  • Petpourri: Sometimes you capture that one-of-a-kind photo of your pet with another companion. This category is open to pictures of one or more companion animals of any variety.
  • Down on the Farm: Farm animals are special, too. This category is open to pictures of farm or ranch animals.
  • Shelter Life: Millions of animals are waiting to be adopted from animal shelters. This category is open to pictures of shelter staff, volunteers, veterinarians, and animal control professionals, and/or animals, in shelter settings.

Finalists will be chosen in each category, with two grand prize winners selected: one from the Shelter Life category, and one from the other categories combined. Entries will be judged on creativity, composition, photo quality, and appropriateness to the category in which the photo is submitted. Winners will be announced around September 10, 2008.

For submission guidelines, visit

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