Pets: A Reason To Celebrate

How do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

The American Animal Hospital Association recently surveyed 1,200 pet owners regarding the human-pet relationship. One of the questions posed to pet owners was “How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?” Forty-three percent of respondents reported that they wrap gifts for their pets, 42 percent make a special pet-safe birthday cake or treat, 45 percent sing happy birthday to their pet, and 41 percent participate in the pet’s favorite activity.

When asked “In what ways do you include your pet in holiday celebrations?,” 81 percent said they give special treats, 70 percent hang Christmas stockings, 65 percent give wrapped gifts, 56 percent take a photo of/with their pet, and 24 percent send a greeting card to or from their pet. As a reward for a pet’s good behavior, 79 percent of those polled give attention, 59 percent give special food or a treat, and 19 percent engage in a pet’s favorite activity. The survey also asked, “Where do you display your pet’s photo?” Seventy-nine percent said at home, 49 percent said in a special photo album, 43 percent said at work, 31 percent said in a wallet, and 9 percent said as a screen saver. The responses came from 40 states, and 5 percent of respondents were from Canada. The majority of those polled were 25 years old or older, 85 percent were female, 66 percent were married, and 70 percent did not have children under the age of 18 at home.

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