Petland Offers Tips for Safe Car Travel

Taking a cat or dog on a road trip requires careful consideration.

When planning your summer vacation, you may decide to bring along a companion who won’t complain about the radio station you choose or continuously ask, “Are we there yet?” As you make plans to bring your cat or dog on vacation, consider your pet’s special needs. Petland, Inc., offers tips to help make the entire experience pleasant and enjoyable for you and your cat.

“More and more people are now making room in the car for one additional passenger—the family pet,” said Andrew Nelson, director of training at Petland. “We want to help make a person’s vacation with their pet as fun and memorable as possible—even if they have to put up with the occasional hiss or growl from the back seat.”

Petland offers the following tips to make car travel practical and safe for cats and dogs:

  • Make frequent stops at roadside rest areas for exercise, eating and elimination.
  • Always accompany your pet outside the vehicle. Make sure your cat or dog is wearing a collar with identification and that it is always on a secure leash. Cats should also wear snug-fitting harnesses when wearing a leash.
  • Make sure your cat or dog has access to fresh water. Consider bringing a gallon or two of water from home to help avoid digestive issues.
  • If your pet rarely travels, feed it only small amounts of food during the trip. This will help prevent upset stomach and motion sickness.
  • Do not allow your pet to move about the car while it is in motion. Keep your cat or dog inside a roomy pet carrier equipped with comfortable pet bedding. Make sure the carrier is secured to the backseat with a seat belt.
  • Use sun shades on the car windows to prevent your cat or dog from becoming overheated. Turn up the air conditioning to keep the car cool and comfortable during the ride.
  • Bring familiar toys to help keep your pet occupied during the trip.
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