Petco Wraps Up Tree of Hope Campaign

Fundraiser benefits local animal welfare organizations.

Petco and the Petco Foundations annual Tree of Hope fundraising campaign, which benefits animal welfare organizations, runs through December 24, 2005.

Donations made to the campaign remain in the local community. Each Petco store selects an animal welfare group to receive its donations. Signs in each store identify which group that locations proceeds will benefit.

We have several options for people to support their local animal welfare groups, says Paul Jolly, Petco Foundation vice president and director.

With donations already spread thin this year because of so many natural disasters, people may feel that their support is but a trickle in a never-ending sea of need. But we have seen it before small donations often add up to big numbers and we urge people to give whatever they can.

To participate in the campaign, customers can purchase $1, $5, $10 or $20 card ornaments, red or blue Making a Difference wristbands, or 2006 Petco Foundation calendar all funds go towards the campaign. Those donating $20 or more receive a globe ornament.

Last year, Tree of Hope raised $2.4 million for more than 700 animal welfare organizations. Petco said this years goal was to raise $2.7 million.

Posted: Dec. 14, 2005, 5a.m. EST

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