Here’s How Pet Lovers Are Paying Tribute To David Bowie

Since legendary musician David Bowie passed away earlier this week, pets and their owners have been paying tribute in an amazing way.

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The world will never forget you, David Bowie. Via Walter the Cockapoo/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

The world lost a legend this week. Iconic musician David Bowie died on Jan. 10, 2016, at age 69 after a long battle with cancer, as reported on his Facebook page.

Bowie leaves behind a loving family, and a truly incredible body of work that will appreciated by millions for many years to come. The man has been breaking barriers and making radio hits since the 1960s, and those mourning this great loss are not all human. Pets are feeling the pain, too.

Pet lovers and pet owners around the Internet have been posting touching tributes to the late artist. We’ve seen everything from Bowie Instagram filters to photos of dog Bowie doppelgängers — just like the man himself, they have been unpredictable, unique and so, so beautiful. Here’s how:

1. Fancat-ing Out

fanzoca ???????? #davidbowie

A video posted by Hélder Moita (@heldermoita) on

We just want to walk everywhere with this animated bolt constantly flickering over our faces.

2. Getting Bowie Body Art

We’ve never wanted a tattoo more than we do right now.

3. Sending Shoutouts From Smushed Faces

  I’ve purred hard at the purr clubs for many years to your music! Rest in peace #davidbowie   A photo posted by Tudi (@queen_latudi) on

Furr-ever a Bowie fan.

4. Creating Dog-Inspired Album Cover Art

???? #davidbowie #respect #rip #love #ziggystardust #davidbowiedog #tragic #loss #welostoneofthegreatesttoday A photo posted by ???? Golden Retriever Love ???? (@goldenlove2000) on

Mind = blown.

5. Saying It With A Song

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

6. Accessorizing Their Dog Like The Man Himself

The jacket makes the rock star.

7. And Simply Paying Their Respects

Visiting the memorial outside the Bowie home.

RIP, David Bowie. The humans, cats and dogs of this world will rock out to your tunes forever.

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