Pet Sitting with Panache

Super sitters will take care of your dog — and you.


Jenny loves to have her bed fluffed before going to bed, and Isabella, Margaret, and Charlotte get a tour around their neighborhood in a baby stroller. The TV is tuned to what the “kids” normally watch — nothing too violent. To lull them to sleep, a sound machine plays the soothing soundtrack of a beach or tropical rain forest.

These may sound like services you’d expect from a five-star resort, but these clients are dogs in the care of pet sitters who go the extra mile to make their four-legged charges feel at home, whether in their own homes or staying with the sitter.

And when owners head out of town, pet sitters offer a little peace of mind. Knowing your dog is in good hands can help you have a better time away from home. These pros know just what to do.

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