Pet Sitter Told Owner Her Dog Died, Pooch Later Turns Up At Shelter

Deidre Cole just wants to know the truth about what happened to her dog, Fawn.

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Fawn, still alive. Via WSMV

Deidre Cole has lived the entire emotional spectrum over the past few weeks, from grief to relief.

The Tennessee woman left her dog, Fawn, with the Best Friends Critter Sitter while she went on vacation. But when she returned from her trip, the pet sitter told her that Fawn had died while she was away, WSMV reports.

The owner of Best Friends, located in Cookeville,Tennessee, said Fawn “died peacefully” and that the dog had already been buried. But when a still-grieving Cole looked at a local animal shelter’s Facebook page, she saw a familiar face in one of the pictures.

“I looked at the picture of this dog and I said, ‘That’s Fawn,'” Cole told WSMV.

A “badly injured” Fawn had been picked up by animal control and then put up for adoption. The dog is back home now, but Cole said she has yet to receive the truth about what really happened to Fawn.

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