Pet Sitter Cashes in on Love for Dogs

Amid an economic slump, a St. Louis entrepreneur is posting a six-figure salary.

Some skeptics may classify pet sitting as a low-brow job that couldn’t possibly yield respectable profits. With a $100,000 annual salary, Tammy Roussin of St. Louis is one of a growing segment of savvy pet-sitter entrepreneurs who are dispelling this myth.

After leaving a marketing job and moving to St. Louis to take care of family members, Roussin took a job in a grooming salon. What eventually culminated was not only a love of pets, but also a successful business opportunity. “I incorporated my business, joined Pet Sitters International, and the rest is history,” Roussin says.

Pet Sitters International, the world’s largest association for professional pet sitters, continues to report strong profits, increasing membership, and also states that over 11 percent of their members earn gross business revenues of $75,000 or more annually. Some pet-sitting businesses post annual profits of over $1 million.

“Pet sitting continues to be an ideal career for pet lovers looking to follow their passion, set their own hours, and who are not afraid of the hard work that comes along with business ownership,” says Patti Moran, Pet Sitters International president.

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