Pet Radio Show Features Allan Reznick

Having trouble choosing the right dog breed for your family? Not sure where to go to find a reputable dog breeder? Tune in Oct. 6!

Allan ReznikBe sure to check out our very own Allan Reznik, editor of Dogs in Review, on The Pet Radio Show tomorrow, Oct. 6, from 10:45-11:15 AM PST. You’ll find out everything you need to know about choosing the right dog breed and finding a reputable dog breeder!

For more than four decades, Allan has been immersed in the world of purebred dogs: as a breeder, exhibitor, award-winning journalist, editor, broadcaster and occasional judge. Although he has written for television and radio, taught journalism, and reviewed theater and film, he is probably best known for his long years of working in dog magazines.

Allan appears regularly on radio and TV discussing all aspects of responsible dog ownership and is quoted widely in newspapers and magazines. When not at the computer, he shows his champion Tibetan Spaniels and Afghan Hound.

The epsiode will feature Allan explaining how to pick the dog breed that is best for you as well as Barry Ravegum of GoPet USA who will talk about innovative treadmills for dogs, and Pamela Wiltgen will discuss agility training for your dog.

Click here to tune in and get more information on tomorrows show.

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