Pet Poetry Contest Winners Announced

Nationwide contest invited third-graders to submit a poem about a special pet.

Five young students from California to New York were named the winners of the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) first-ever National Children’s Pet Poetry Contest. The contest, which is part of APPA’s Pets Add Life Campaign, invited third-graders from across the country to write a poem about a special pet in their life.

A “fat” parakeet named Chubs, a fish who rules the tank and a sleepy kitty were the muses for some of the winning poems. The winners will receive pet products and have their poem featured in a nationally circulated magazine, complete with their own byline. In addition, each winning student’s classroom will receive $1,000 for pet-related education.

The contest drew more than 300 entries, according to organizers. Poems were either posted online at or submitted by mail.

A panel of teachers, pet journalists and APPA staff members selected the winners. The poems were judged on creativity, clarity, voice and the child’s ability to reinforce the message of the joys and benefits of pet ownership.

The winning poems are as follows:

By Emily of Pleasantville, N.Y.

Hairy all over,
He can’t stop being cute.
Smiling from droopy ear to droopy ear,
With a cold little nose,
Stealing my heart, and filling it with joy.
I can’t help laughing
As I see him chasing his tail, and wagging his tongue
He perks up his ears
Only five days
Until you’re mine.

My Cat
By Jessica of Brooklyn, N.Y.

My cat sleeps anywhere,
any table, any chair.
Top of piano, window ledge,
in the middle, on the edge.
Open drawer, empty shoe,
anybody’s lap will do.
Fitted in a cardboard box,
in the cupboard with your pots.
Anywhere! She doesn’t care!
Cats sleep anywhere!

By Dana of Sandy Valley, Nev.

My bird’s name is Chubs
He takes bath in tubs
He’s ever so quick
And he sits on a stick
He has a friend named Flutter
He doesn’t like butter
Chubs is so fat
And he’s scared of my cat
Chubs lives in a cage
But he doesn’t eat sage
We think he’s a boy
He has fun with his toy
It has a bell
And he thinks it’s swell
Chubs is a parakeet
And he is ever so sweet
Chubs is important to me
As you can see
That I love him
And he loves me

By Ethan of New York City

Swish, swish goes King
Smooth as a pebble
Gold as the sun
He is so much fun!

He makes me happy
I’m not lonely anymore!
I could look at him swimming all day
I don’t even need to play!

He was the best birthday gift ever
I named him King because he rules the tank
He also rules my heart
I never want to be apart!

By Manju of San Ramon, Calif.

Wake up hamster, wake up now.
Drink from your bottle, I know you know how.
Eat a small meal,
Or chew on your wheel.
Chew a small toy,
Or play with a boy.
Wake up hamster, wake up now.
Wow, you had babies! Wow!!!

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