Pet Parent’s Day Celebrates Dog Owners

Sunday, April 26, marks second annual day dedicated to devoted dog lovers.

Pet owners who treat their cats and dogs like members of the family are being honored with a special day dedicated to them.

National Pet Parent’s Day on Sunday, April 26, marks the official day celebrating pet caregivers. The designation, made by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) of Brea, Calif., recognizes those who are dedicated to scooping poop, dishing out kibble, throwing birthday parties for Maxie, and sharing a cramped bed with four paws, the company said.

While the months of May and June focus on mothers and fathers of human children, National Pet Parent’s Day sets aside a spring day for devoted pet parents. A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association reports that 83 percent of pet owners consider themselves their pet’s mom or dad, said Curtis Steinhoff, VPI spokesman.

“The fact that the majority of our policyholders emphatically consider their pets part of their family inspired us to create a day for the dedicated pet caregiver,” he said.

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