Pet Owners Report Finding Strange Fibers In Pedigree Brand Dog Food

Pedigree's manufacturer says the fibers are probably just pig hair and that the food is safe for dogs to eat.

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Pet owners have reported finding these strange fibers in Pedigree brand food. Via newsnet5

Krystle Fayek was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a picture of some strange looking Pedigree dog food, a photograph that made her own stomach feel a little upset. The post showed what appeared to be light colored wires or fibers sticking out of the dog food — the same flavor and brand that Fayek had been feeding her own two English Mastiffs, WEWS-newsnet5 reports. So the Cleveland, Ohio, woman looked inside her pets’ bag of chicken-flavored Pedigree and discovered the same thin foreign objects protruding from the food.

“I’m just worried, [it] makes me sick to my stomach,” she told the Cleveland-based news station.

Fayek realized that, in the three months since she’d started feeding her dogs the chicken-flavored Pedigree, they’d been less playful and less themselves. Concerned, she took samples of the food to a veterinarian at the The Avon Animal And Bird Hospital. Dr. Martti Putkoneon looked at the food — and the fibers — under a microscope and believed that it could’ve been a hair of some kind but wasn’t entirely sure.

Krystle Fayek with her two English Mastiffs.

Krystle Fayek with her two English Mastiffs. Via newsnet5

Stories from other pet owners have started to appear on social media. But Mars Petcare U.S., the makers of Pedigree, says that despite the strange appearance, the food is safe for dogs to eat.

“We have reviewed product samples and have confirmed that it is natural fibers that consumers are seeing in the kibble. Because Pedigree is manufactured using meat and bone meal, it’s possible for natural fibers, like pig hair, to appear in the finished kibble,” the company said in a statement to newsnet5. “There is absolutely no quality or safety concern with the natural fibers. They are completely safe for dogs to consume.”

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