Pet Memorial Day Celebrates Life

A national holiday, Pet Memorial Day honors dogs and other pets who have passed on.

Sept. 9, 2007 is National Pet Memorial Day and provides grieving pet owners a special holiday to honor dogs they have lost.

“As pet owners, we experience laughter, joy, unconditional love, frustrations, sorrow and other human emotions with our pets,” says Claire Chew, a pet bereavement specialist. “As a member of our family, the grief we feel for them has many layers. This day is a personal time to reflect on the loss [and] remember the many gifts they have brought us.”

Ways to honor dogs who have passed on include:

  • Create a living memorial by planting a tree or flower.
  • Put together pet scrapbook.
  • Burn a candle.
  • Make a donation to a rescue group or animal charity.

Chew added that she’ll honor her dog, Sophie, who passed away with meditation, a candlelit ceremony, and making contributions to various charities.

“Sophie is a constant reminder of how much our furry angels mean to us,” she added.

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