Pet Limits Proposed in South Carolina

A South Carolina county may limit some areas to no more than three dogs and three cats.

Dorchester County in South Carolina is considering limiting the number of animals people can keep at their homes, with the number depending on the size of their property.

Under the proposal introduced this week by Councilman Richard Rosebrock, people who live in densely populated neighborhoods areas where properties are a third of an acre or less could have no more than three dogs and three cats who are more than 4 months old.

Those with bigger lots could own as many as six dogs and six cats. However, people living on the larger properties would have to buy a $35 annual permit to have more than three of each animal.

Rosebrock has previously said he thinks that as far as a residential neighborhood, it’s a reasonable ordinance, and that the legislation is being introduced partially because he believes the areas cat population is out of control.

The county public safety committee is expected to refine the proposal before opening the issue up for a public meeting, possibly as soon as next month.

The proposal is expected to be met with opposition; two years ago, the county dropped a plan to require dog licenses after widespread community resistance.

Posted: April 24, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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