Pet Insurance Providers

Check out the list of pet health-insurance companies and what they provide for your cat's care.

Here is a list of pet insurance providers and details of some of the products they provide.

Embrace Pet Insurance
781 Beta Drive, Suite D
Mayfield Village Ohio, 44143
Embrace offers coverage in every state of up to 90 percent of veterinary bills. The company allows pet owners to customize their own plan, putting the premium costs in the customer’s hands as they select coverage for their cat. Embrace pays within 10-15 days of receiving claims and pays based on the veterinary bill. Pet owners must complete claim form and send along the itemized invoice for reimbursement.

Hartville Group, Inc. (includes Hartville Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Petshealth Care Plan brands)
3840 Greentree Ave. SW
Canton, Ohio, 44706
This company provides insurance to more than 80,000 pets and is available in all 50 states under the brand names. By visiting its website, consumers can sign up for an online account and get a free quote on insuring their pet. It offers four levels of insurance, with level one providing basic accident coverage and level four providing deluxe wellness care. Pet owners can get care from any veterinary provider, pay for the services, then submit Hartville’s claim form accompanied by receipts. Policyholders are eligible for 80 percent of coverable costs.

Pets Best Insurance
2710 Sunrise Rim Road
Boise, Idaho, 83705
Founded by a veterinarian, Pets Best offers insurance in 46 states. Quotes, enrollment and claim filing is available online. Cat owners can choose from Pets Basic, Pets First and Pets Premier plans with the BestWellness option, which covers preventative care. Polices start around $19 per month.

Pet First Healthcare
One Quartermaster Court
Jeffersonville, Ind., 47130
Pet First Healthcare claims comprehensive coverage for pet owners. The company offers a Family Plan for those wishing to insure multiple pets. Customers can choose from one of Pet First’s existing plans or customize their own plan. Policy outlines and quotes are available online.

Pethealth Inc.
710 Dorval Drive, Suite 400
Oakville, Ont., Canada, L6K 3V7
Pethealth Inc. is home to several different providers, including QuickCare, ShelterCare, 24 Pet Watch and Union Plus Pet Insurance. Coverage is provided in 10 Canadian provinces and all U.S. states, except for Alaska. Enrollment, quotes, testimonials are available on this companies highly informative website. Several programs are available, ranging in price from $11.95 to $70.95 per month, including some with zero deductible. Policyholders can download and print the claim form, fill out part one, have their veterinarian fill out part two, and mail or fax it to the company.

Pet Partners Inc. (CFA Pet HealthCare Plan)
P.O. Box 37940
Raleigh, N.C.. 27627-7940
Provides coverage for purebred and mixed-breed dogs 8 weeks and older, and cats 10 weeks and older. Claim forms are filled out by the pet owner and veterinarian and submitted with an invoice by mail, email or fax. Reimbursements are sent with 15 days. A number of policies are provided, with an outline of each available online. A program chart provides an overview of what is covered including payments and deductibles.

PetPlan US
1 International Plaza
Suite 140
Philadelphia, Penn., 19113
Petplan is available in all states; bronze, silver and gold plans are offered, each containing a different level of coverage. Plans are customizable, with the customer’s choice of co-insurance and deductible. Plan outlines, quotes, enrollment, a helpline and testimonials are available online. Petplan also offers several discounts on some of its policies.

PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance
P.O. Box 599500
San Antonio, Texas 78259
Two plans are available through PurinaCare in 47 states. This company has received the American Animal Hospital Association Seal of Acceptance. Quotes, plan outlines and claim forms are available online. Forms must be filled out by the pet owner, veterinarian and/or hospital representative and mailed to PurinaCare for reimbursement.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)
P.O. Box 2488
Brea, Calif., 92822-2344
This company is the United States’ oldest and largest health insurance provider for pets. Quotes, enrollment, claim forms and FAQs are available on the website. Forms must be completed by the pet owner and the veterinarian before being submitted for reimbursement. VPI covers not only cats and dogs, but also birds and exotic pets. For cats, VPI provides different plans for coverage of accidents and ailments for the life of your cat.

Shannon Burrows lives in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada with her brown tabby, Diva.

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