Pet Friendly Technology May Only Be A Click Away

Researchers and animal-loving techies are finding new ways to make animals more tech savvy.

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“My cat and my sister's cat meet on Skype for the first time … Lucky doesn't seem too interested though,” writes Alexander Nelson. Via lexi_nels/Twitter

A drone-monitored device attached to a dog, watching his whereabouts as it takes a walks.

Your cat “chatting” with your cousin’s feline in another state via Skype.

Or maybe pets in the future living the gamer lifestyle?

All of these ideas are a reality for some animal lovers and according to NPR, the future merging of pets and technology shows no signs of slowing down.

“We aim to develop interactive games using technology, which can adapt to the animals’ species and personality in order to make the playful activity more engaging and suitable,” Patricia Pons told NPR via email. A member of the FutureLab research team at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, she studies how computers can help animals live better lives.

A Facebook posting vest for your dog? Will there be a pawprint "reaction" next? Via YouTube

A Facebook posting vest for your dog? Will there be a pawprint “reaction” next? Via Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid/YouTube

Gadgets like wearable sensors for service dogs and devices that translate a “woof” or “meow” into English are just a couple that the news organization reports may be on the horizon. There are already games designed with dogs and cats specifically in mind.

And if social media doesn’t have enough posters, Saatchi & Saatchi of Madrid, for its client Pedigree, has created “The Posting Tail” – a vest for your pup that comes equipped with a camera and processor. When the dog gets excited, the device reportedly detects the tail wagging, snaps a picture and posts it to Facebook.

“This could potentially help pets to avoid stress when they are left alone at home, as they could play with these systems by themselves,” Pons said about the various pet-focused and pet friendly devices on the horizon.

Astro Jetson … move over because the dogs (and cats) of today are on your tail.

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