Pet Food Maker Nutro Not Under Investigation

FDA issues clarification following reports on a consumer-oriented website.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine clarified in late April that “Nutro Products, Inc. is not currently under investigation.”

Although it generally does not confirm or deny investigations, the agency issued the formal statement following a consumer-oriented website’s “incorrect” article that the company was under investigation.

“FDA is clarifying that Nutro Products, Inc. is not currently under investigation,” the one-paragraph statement began. “FDA does not typically confirm or deny the existence of an FDA investigation. It has recently come to our attention, however, that a media report incorrectly concluded and reported that Nutro Products, Inc. was the subject of an investigation.”

According to Nutro, the website,, has been posting consumer complaints about Nutro and drawing “false links” between adverse health events and the use of Nutro products for the past year.

“While consumer concerns about Nutro product quality are rare, we take every complaint seriously,” the company wrote in a statement. “When we learn of an issue, we work with consumers to obtain information and request that samples of any product in question be submitted for testing at an independent facility.”

The company urged consumers with questions or concerns about its products to contact its consumer services department at 800-833-5330.

In other news, Nashville, Tenn.-based Nutro will begin selling its Greenies line of dental chews, treats, Pill Pockets and other products exclusively through veterinary hospitals and pet specialty retailers beginning in June.

The Greenies line had been available through the food, mass merchant and drugstore channel, which will continue to sell the product line until inventories run out.

“We believe that pet medical professionals at veterinary hospitals and well-trained, knowledgeable staff at pet specialty stores are best equipped to answer pet owners’ questions about our products and to make the right recommendation,” said Carolyn Hanigan, vice president of marketing for Nutro.

Staff education was a primary concern for the Greenies dental chew line, as each of five sizes is formulated for a corresponding weight range.

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