Pet Emergency Preparation

A veterinarian offers sound advice about preparing for pet-related emergencies.

Sometimes caring for a cat requires veterinary helpNot everything can be cured with a home remedy or ignored until the next morning. Sometimes cats need immediate emergency medical attention. Often this means that you will have to take your cat to an emergency clinic and work with an unfamiliar vet or technician. Rest assured that this is far preferable to waiting until the next day so you can see your regular vet your cats well-being should be the top priority. To prevent emergencies, stay vigilant about your cats whereabouts and simply use good judgment. For example, if you live in a hot, humid climate, its a good idea to always keep your cat well hydrated and have a cooling plan in place if she gets overheated. If your cat makes the neighborhood rounds each evening, check her body for signs of a cat fight when she returns home. Your awareness is your cats strongest ally since she can’t verbalize her pain. 

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