Pet Birds In The White House

Birds and parrots called the White House home too. Find out which presidents had pet birds.

Senegal parrot

1) President George Washington and his family had several birds, including a cockatoo.

2) President Thomas Jefferson had several mockingbirds, and one was named Dick.

3) President James Madison? wife, Dolley, had a pet macaw.

4) President Andrew Jackson? African grey was kicked out the president? funeral for saying vulgar things during the service.

5) President John Tyler had a pet canary named Johnny Ty.

6) President Franklin Pierce had two birds from Japan.

7) President James Buchanan was the only president to never marry. Fearing he would be lonely in the White House, people sent him several pets, which included a pair of bald eagles.

8) President Grover Cleveland had pet canaries and mockingbirds.

9) President William McKinley owned a double yellow-headed Amazon named Washington Post. The Amazon would flirt with older ladies and would finish singing the tunes McKinley started, such as “Yankee Doodle.?lt;/span>

10) Theodore Roosevelt had a hyacinth macaw named Eli Yale.

11) President Woodrow Wilson had songbirds.

12) President Calvin Coolidge had a pair of canaries named Nip and Tuck.

13) President John F. Kennedy? daughter Caroline had a canary named Robin.

14) President Lyndon B. Johnson had lovebirds.

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