Pet Birds Are Family, Too

I just read an Associated Press poll that found that “Americans consider pets part of the family.” Before you say, “No duh,” there were a couple of interesting findings. For example, single women were more likely to consider pets as full members of the family (66 percent of single women do, compared to 46 percent of married women who do). Not sure exactly what’s up with men, but they were less likely to consider their pet as a full member of the household.

Of course, most of the respondents were dog and cat owners, which might explain this finding: “While just 19 percent had bought an outfit for a pet, 43 percent felt their pet had its own ‘sense of style.’” But then again, I do see my birds of having a certain styles, even though no clothing is involved. Conure Ollie is always eager to join in, no matter the crowd, so his style is classy; he’s more Gap than Goth. Cockatiel Gracie kind of marches to his own drummer, so I imagine he’d be partial to gamer attire, perhaps opting for extravagant capes to really look grand when he struts in front of his mirror.

No matter their style, my birds are part of the family, and in many ways, they even rule the roost. A couple years ago, BIRD TALK asked readers if they felt like they were home alone when it was just them and their bird. The majority of owners believed they weren’t. Not surprising, especially when you consider the fact that birds can talk back to their owners.

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