Pet Adoptions Decrease With Winter Chill

Rescue organization says ability to save more animals is limited by full shelter.

Harsh winter weather along the East Coast is wreaking havoc on animal shelters, says the North Shore Animal League America.

The Port Washington, N.Y.-based organization says they’ve seen a decrease in pet adoptions since the first Nor’easter hammered the Tri-State in December.

The drop in adoptions means that pets must stay at the shelter longer, and it also limits the organization’s ability to rescue more animals at risk of being euthanized, says Joanne Yohannan, senior vice president of operations at North Shore Animal League America.

“Shelters across the Tri-State are full to the brim and we need the public’s help to find these incredible animals new homes, so we can make room for the thousands of others throughout the country whose lives are at risk,” Yohannan says.

Yohannan says winter is a good time to adopt a puppy since puppies can’t be leash-walked outside until they complete a series of puppy vaccinations. Until then, owners can paper-train pups inside until the weather warms.


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