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Fun-loving and friendly, the Colorpoint Shorthair loves to be the center of attention.


It’s unusual for a female cat to volunteer to help raise another cat’s kittens. Yet Colorpoint Shorthair breeder Michele Lukic of Florida, witnessed not one but two of her female Colorpoints help raise another cat’s babies. “I had three dams ‘co-mom’ their litters together,” Lukic says. “I put two boxes together to accommodate the troops. The girls worked in tandem and truly seemed delighted to pitch in.”

People who live with Colorpoint Shorthairs won’t be surprised at this story, since the breed is well-known for being sociable with both people and other cats. In fact, the Colorpoint Shorthair is famous for its outgoing and energetic personality. “The breed is very interactive and wants attention from their owners as well as any other cats in the house,” Lukic says. “They love to play and sleep together and be in physical contact with each other.”

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