Perros In Sombreros: 10 Dogs Getting Festive for Cinco de Mayo

Not sure what to wear? How to act? Aye Chihuahua! Don't worry, these dogs have all the advice you need for a perfect night on the town.

Spanish for the “fifth of May,” Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. While Cinco de Mayo is an important day in Puebla where the battle took place, it is not actually as big of a holiday as Mexico’s Independence Day on Sept. 16. Regardless, it has become as good of an excuse as any for folks to drink a margarita or two. From parades and dancing to festivals and Mariachi bands, Cinco de Mayo is a fun time for all, dog’s included!  

We’ve found 10 dogs who know how to celebrate the holiday in style. Take advice from these dogs on how to have a great Cinco de Mayo.

1. Try not to get overwhelmed. Finding the perfect sombrero to match your eyes is hard and it might not work out as planned. Just remember Cinco de Mayo is about having fun — you will likely be the only one to notice those sorts of details.

Chihuahua in Sombrero

 Photo from AmazingCreature

2. Say yes to a mustache. If it’s an option, consider sporting a mustache. A well-groomed mustache is always a nice touch.

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Terrier in a Sombrero

Photo from imgur

3. Flaunt yo’ poncho. Express yourself, colors are key, be bold and don’t be afraid to make a statement. 

Terrier in a Sombrero

 Photo from WordWitLox

4. More is more. Don’t stop at just a sombrero, it’s so cliche. Complete the look with glasses, scarves and a gold chain or two. 

Labrador in a Sombrero

 Photo from Muscleheaded

5. Take a nap. It’s always good to get a little shut eye before a wild night. Another great reason to wear a sombrero: they make it possible to nap anywhere. 

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Chihuahua in a Sombrero Stretching

 Photo from HispanicMeme

6. Stretch before you go out. You never know what’s going to happen and you want to be prepared should someone notice how good you look in your sombrero and ask you to dance.

Chihuahua in a Sombrero Stretching

 Photo from HispanicMeme

7. Make sure you eat something. It’s always best to party on a full stomach. If you are afraid there won’t be food where you are going, bring your own.

Chihuahua dressed as a taco

 Photo from Costume-Works

8. Keep it cool. It’s easy to get excited by this awesome holiday, but try not to be “that guy.”


 Photo from ObsessiveChihuahuaDisorder

9. Always choose a designated driver. Look for someone trustworthy and responsible.

Dog with mustache and sombrero

 Photo from Doecdoe

10. Have a safe and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Corgi in a sombrero

 Photo from Wally

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