Permanently Worried-Looking Cat Is Also Permanently Adorable

Little Bum's eyes make him look like he's incredibly concerned about... everything.

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Bum was brought into the San Diego Humane Society, along with four of his siblings. Via worried_cat_aka_bum/Instagram

The Internet has already given us a couple of iconic cats who look like they’re furious with us, with their surroundings and with pretty much the rest of the known world. But on the other side of the Grumpy spectrum is a tiny gray and white cat who looks less angry with us and more like he’s perpetually worried.

Bum is currently charming Instagram with his concerned-looking blue eyes. Last year, he and his littermates were taken in by the San Diego Humane Society, where his now-owner, Courtney Morman, worked, according to ABC News.

“I fell in love with him instantly,” Morman told ABC News. “When I first saw him, I thought he was the cutest kitten ever, and his personality matched his silly looks.”

Bum has that unique facial expression because his eyes are permanently crossed, although Morman says that doesn’t affect his vision. She frequently fosters other animals from the humane society and says that Bum has been a great sport about welcoming those visitors into her home. 

“He’s helped raise a few litters and is a wonderful companion to other cats we take in who are recovering from injuries,” Morman said.

That just makes him more adorable. Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Bum.

1. “Do you want me to talk to your boss?”

2. “Are you warm enough? I have an extra blanket.”

3. “Oh dear, a Diet Coke for breakfast?”

4. “I’ll just wait here until the week is over.”

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5. “Are you getting enough sleep? You’re supposed to try for eight hours, you know.”

6. “Do we really need to go outside? There’s such a big world out there.”

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7. “We recycle, right? Please say we recycle.”

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