People Think Pets See Pokemon And These Pictures Make Us Wonder

Now we know the reason they’ve been barking and hissing at thin air: They're conspiring.

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Cats don't seem to have as much fun with Pokemon as people do. Maybe because they're getting down to the business of plotting against us. Via Alex Thompson/The Telegraph
Anastasia Thrift

Pokemon Go is ridiculously huge. But what if Pokemon were always around and we’ve only noticed them now that we have an app to catch them? That would be some M. Night Shyamalan-level twist business.

People are uploading photos of pets interacting with Pokemon that make it look like the animals can see them. Dogs and cats — even a bird and guinea pig here and there — are pictured alongside Pidgeys and Charmanders and Weedle and everything else you haven’t thought of since the 90s.

And we think they’re up to something. Take a look.

Case No. 1.

Clearly, this cat has been interacting directly with Pidgey all along and you’re only now noticing.

Case No. 2.

The reason for this dog’s yearning to go outside is now clear.

Case No. 3.

Sure you think it’s cute now but when the Pokemon and pets organize and rise up we’ll all be sorry. 

Case No. 4.

Even the adorable small mammals are in on it.

Case No. 5.

The fear of this coalition between pet and Pokemon is global.  

Case No. 6.

Once the conspiracy takes flight we are all doomed.

Case No. 7.

Cats and fish discussing strategy. Now all forces are aligned.

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