People: Bound to Hounds

The Greyhound Project president, Michael McCann, dedicates his time to retired racing Greyhounds.

Michael McCann lives with his wife, his three Greyhounds (Cavan, Whisper and Santos) and a revolving door of Greyhounds that need foster homes.

McCann is the president and a long-time volunteer of The Greyhound Project, a non-profit organization that promotes the adoption of retired racing Greyhounds across the country. The Project publishes the quarterly magazine Celebrating Greyhounds, donates to the Morris Animal Foundation, and maintains a website and directory, which lists hundreds of adoptable Greyhounds.

Dedicated to the welfare and future of retired racing Greyhounds, McCann tells how he came to love the gallant breed and of his continued efforts on the group’s behalf.

Q: Where did you grow up? Did you have dogs as a child?
A: I grew up in Plainville, Conn. We had several dogs during those years: an Irish Setter, a Miniature Poodle and a German Shepherd Dog named Poncho. Before we got Poncho, I asked my father if we could get a Greyhound, though I’d never met one. His answer was based on the prevailing attitude at the time. He said, “No! Don’t you know those dogs are vicious? That’s why they wear muzzles at the track.” So, we got Poncho, who soon thereafter bit the mailman, scared the heck out of the paperboy and went after every stranger who came into the yard.

Years later, when my dad came to my house and met our Greyhounds, he was stunned. He couldn’t believe how docile and well-mannered they were.

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