Pennsylvania Drops Conure Ban

Proposal to ban nanday conures in the state of Pennsylvania was dropped Tuesday

proposal to ban the possession and sale of nanday conures in Pennsylvania was dismissed by the state’s Game Commission.

Some pet bird clubs and organizations, including the American Federation of Aviculture, had planned to testify against the ban during the commission’s meeting earlier this week.

“For now they’ve dropped it,” said Kathy Wilson, secretary to the director of the commission. “They agreed with a lot of the presentation.”

Wilson said some presenters testified that escaped nanday conures would not “cause the same problems as quakers,” so the commission decided to dismiss the proposal that would have amended the state code to “prohibit the importation, possession, sale and release” nanday conures (Nandayus nenday), a South American parrot “in response to human health/safety and wildlife habitat.” Quaker parakeets, another popular pet bird native to South America, are already illegal in Pennsylvania.

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