Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Bill Clears House

The legislation would regulate surgical procedures on dogs as well as animal fighting.

A bill that would amend Pennsylvania state animal cruelty laws by making it illegal for someone other than a veterinarian to perform surgical procedures on dogs recently passed the House and has been referred to the Senate.

Specifically, as outlined in House Bill 2532, a person would commit a summary offense if he or she performed any of the following: crop or cut off part of the ear or ears, debark by cutting the vocal cords or by altering any part of the resonance chamber, dock or cut off part of the tail of a dog more than five days old, perform a surgical birth or cut off the dewclaw of a dog more than five days old.

Such procedures can, however, be legally performed by a veterinarian provided that the dog is anesthetized. Any person who procures any of these procedures will be required to record and keep record of the procedure.

The bill also outlines animal fighting regulations. A person would commit a felony of the third degree if he or she for amusement or gain, causes, allows, or permits any animal to engage in animal fighting; receives compensation for the admission of another person to any place kept or used for animal fighting; owns, possesses, keeps, trains, promotes, purchases, steals, or acquires in any manner or knowingly sells any animal for animal fighting; in any way knowingly encourages, aids or assists in an animal fight; wagers on the outcome of an animal fight; pays for admission to an animal fight or attends an animal fight as a spectator; or knowingly permits any place under his or her control or possession to be kept or used for animal fighting.

To read the bill in its entirety, click here.

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