Pellet Party

Melissa Kauffman went up to the mountains to be a counselor at a camp for kids with arthritis over the past week and I house sat for her once again. If you read my previous blog, you know it can be quite an adventure at Melissa’s house. This time around, I made sure to get plenty of sleep and I played with Tampa, the puppy, until he passed out on the couch and snored away.

I also made sure to work with Woody as much as possible. As Melissa wrote in her blog, Woody is an enigma to her at times and she’s talked to a few avian experts about his behavior. One expert he might be acting so unpredictable because he’s getting a lot of fat from his diet (mostly seeds), too much sugar (dried papaya and grapes are his favorite), too much sunlight (making him hormonal) and not enough sleep (us editors thrive off 6-hours of sleep, apparently).

So he’s been switched over to a pellet diet and getting less sunlight and plenty of sleep. He’s mellowed out a lot, and generally, seems to be happier.

Naturally, though, he’s been ignoring his pellets, which is pretty typical for a bird who’s never seen them before. Melissa gives him some seed with his vegetables in the morning and some at night. I was doing the same, and still Woody showed no interest in his pellets.

Until yesterday.

While hopping out of the shower with Woody, I placed him in his cage so I could dress. He marched right up to his food bowl, grabbed a pellet and chomped down on it. And then another! And another!

I stared, flabbergasted, not sure if I had just seen that. But it had happened! Woody, the WWWD (what would Woody do?) Meyer’s, had eaten his first pellets! And hopefully, not his last!

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