Peanut Butter Bird Treats

Does your bird like peanut butter? Serve these three healthy and colorful peanut butter bird treats to your bird today!

Making your bird? treats yourself not only provides nutritious and tasty snacks, but you can enjoy watching your bird devour your creation. Here are three quick-and-easy recipes that incorporate a bird favorite ?peanut butter! Better yet, you can enjoy these healthy snacks along with your bird!

When preparing treats for your bird, keep the following points in mind:

Ingredients: Not all “people food?is safe for birds. Never feed your bird avocado, chocolate, in-shell peanuts (unless certified clean), raw mushrooms, onions, caffeinated beverages or alcohol, apple seeds, stone fruit pits or raw meat.

Treats, Not Meals: These recipes are intended to be used as occasional treats for your bird. They shouldn? replace complete and balanced meals.

Safety: Use organic peanut butter that comes from a name brand, to avoid any chance of aflatoxins. Read more about aflatoxins here.

When feeding dried fruit, always use sulfite-free brand.

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