PBS Debuts ‘Story Of Cats’ And Shows How The Feline Invasion Began And Grew

How did we become obsessed by these animals? Start by looking back about 10,000 years.

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Find out why our cats behave the way do by looking back on their history. Via PBS

Want to know how the world’s cat infatuation began? Great timing. A documentary will clear the air, starting tonight.

Two-part series “The Story of Cats” premieres today, November 2, at 8 p.m. ET on PBS, the network blog reports. The second show will air November 9, and both will discuss how cats moved from jungles and forests to right into our homes.

We’re looking forward to hearing how the tiny predator has adapted to different environments. According to a description of the first episode, we will find out how cats spread across Asia and then how they “later came to conquer Africa.” That’s pretty powerful, especially because our cats can’t conquer spiders most of the time.

The second episode in the series might have more info on the housecat side of things. Titled “Into the Americas,” it will show how cats hopped continents and began ranging across North and South America. With discussions on new cat breeds, the conclusion is drawn that cats are still evolving. Which makes us wonder: What’s next?

Fingers crossed, this will lead to a Ken Burns documentary on the subject.

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