Pawprints and Purrs

We can minimize our cats' "carbon pawprints" by changing the way we manage our cats' liter boxes.


Unless we’re prepared to give up electricity, stop driving automobiles, and start growing our own food, it’s impossible to completely eliminate our negative impact on the environment. We can reduce that impact, however, and if everyone made some small changes, we could even reverse some environmental damage.

Turning off lights in rooms we’re not using, dressing for the weather rather than cranking up the heat or air conditioning, driving more fuel-efficient cars or using other modes of transportation, recycling water bottles or using refillable ones all help to reduce our carbon fingerprints. We can also minimize our pets’ “carbon pawprints.” Wendy Bedwell-Wilson shares what litter manufacturers are doing to reduce environmental impact and how we can do our part in the ways we manage our own cats’ litterboxes.

Along with litter companies, other manufacturers are reducing carbon impact by using repurposed or biodegradable materials in their products and packaging.

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