Paula Abdul’s Reality with Dog Tulip

New reality show captures "American Idol” judge Paula Abdul’s life on the road with her dogs in tow.

Paula Abdul made headlines when she tripped over her tiny Chihuahua and broke her nose the weekend before the “American Idol” finale in May.

And while that incident sparked yet another round of Paula jokes on late-night TV talk shows, it also demonstrated Abdul’s strong attachment to Chihuahua Tulip. “I didn’t want to hurt my little dog,” Abdul told People magazine at the time. For the record, how did Tulip repay Abdul? Apparently by channeling the grumpy Simon Cowell, Abdul’s on-screen nemesis. “[Tulip had] no remorse. She just stared at me,” Abdul laughs.

Now the former pop star’s fans will get the chance to see Abdul and Tulip in action during the “American Idol” judge’s new reality show, “Hey Paula,” which begins Thursday, June 28, on Bravo.

The seven-episode series captures Abdul as she tours the country with her two Chihuahuas in tow to promote her solo projects, which include designing and selling jewelry, clothing, and her own perfume. Viewers get to be a fly on the wall to Adbul’s eccentric – but ultimately glamorous – life.

“Hey Paula” airs tonight on Bravo at 10 p.m.

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