Patricia Sund, Contributor

Patricia Sund is a regular contributor for and has a popular blog called “Parrot Nation,?where she writes about life, birds and her adventures in the world of aviculture. These adventures, including volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society and working as a Keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, will be included in a book she has been writing. Unfortunately, the manuscript is taking longer to finish than the Vietnam War due to her hectic schedule.

She has written for a variety of avicultural-themed publications, including BIRD TALK, BIRD TALK Annual, Birds USA, Phoenix Landing? Phoenix Beakin?and Watchbird magazine for the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA). She has given presentations at numerous avicultural events including the Midwest Bird Expo, The Long Island Parrot Society and the AFA Convention. Sund also wrote, directed and produced a play about flight attendants called, Loves People-Loves to Travel.

Sund has completed Dr. Susan Friedman? online course, “LLP: Living & Learning with Parrots?and both beginning and advanced levels of the Natural Encounters Companion Parrot Training Seminars.

She lives in Florida with her two hoodlum African grey parrots, Parker and Pepper, stars of the popular column, “Memo to Parker & Pepper.?amp;nbsp; She also shares her home with her third parrot, a motor-mouthed African grey named Nyla. When asked why she has parrots in her life, she always responds the same way: “I?e been a flight attendant for almost 28 years; I guess I? just used to serving food, repeating myself, cleaning up crap and getting hollered at.?lt;/span>

Sund currently runs the blog, Psittacine Cuisine

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