This Might Be The Most Patient Dog On Earth

A dog named Oshie amazingly mustered the willpower to sit still while his owner piled treats on his head.

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The happy ending involves Oshie eating ALL the treats.
Chrissa Hardy

When it comes to patience, this dog wins — hands down.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Sara Yaciuk, a dog named Oshie sits perfectly still as his owner loads up his nose and head with several treat bones. His owner uses a GoPro to capture this incredible trick on camera.

"I better get to eat these in the end." Via YouTube

“I better get to eat these in the end.” Via Sara Yaciuk/YouTube

Oshie even has three treats IN HIS MOUTH and somehow has the strength to resist gobbling them right up.

In the end, the final tally of treats on Oshie’s head appears to be a whopping 19, and he still waits for his owner’s cue that it’s OK for him to drop them and chow down.

"Annnnnnnd SNACK TIME." Via YouTube

“Annnnnnnd SNACK TIME.” Via Sara Yaciuk/YouTube

Oshie, you are a rare, magnificent beast.

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