Past Westminster Best in Show Winners

Meet past Westminster Best in Show winners and see why they won.

Each year more than 2,000 dogs and their handlers make their way to New York City for a chance to be named Best in Show at the oldest and most prestigious dog show in the United States: Westminster. Here are some past dogs that have triumphed in the Best in Show ring at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Want to know why each dog won? Read the judges’ comments about each winner.


2014 Westminster — 138th Annual Show

Dates: February 10-11, 2014

Dogs Entered: 2,485

Best in Show: Wire Fox Terrier bitch GCh. Afterall Painting The Sky ‘Sky’

Owners: Victor Malzoni, Jr., Torie Steele, Scott and Mary Olund, and Diane Ryan

Best in Show Judge: Betty Regina Leininger

Judge’s Comments: “The night belonged to the Wire Fox Terrier GCh. Afterall Painting The Sky, who simply commanded her time and space in the limelight. When I pulled her out at the end, she made use of every second and every move and was so in tune with her handler, she could not be denied. Sky will go down in history as my Best in Show winner for Westminster 2014.” — Betty Regina Leininger



2013 Westminster – 137th Annual Show

Dates: February 11-12, 2013

Dogs Entered: 2,721

Best in Show: Affenpinscher dog GCh. Banana Joe V Tani Kazari ‘Banana Joe’

Owners: Zoila Truesdale and Mieke Cooymans

Best in Show Judge: Michael J. Dougherty

Judge’s Comments: “Seven splendid specimens stood, each looking spectacular, masterfully conditioned and presented by their exhibitors. Each one looked very much the epitome of its standard, with only the slightest of deviations and slightest of failings. Each dog made its breeder, owner and exhibitor exceedingly proud and rightfully so. Westminster’s final lineup is invariably excellent, and on this night it was excellent to the Nth degree. In the end it was a near perfect, tiny showman that owned the day. The Best in Show-winning Affenpinscher was in immaculate coat and condition, groomed and presented to perfection. He embodied the breed standard in form and outline, with an enchanting expression, and when on the move, he was correct and stunning from all directions.” — Michael J. Dougherty


2012 Westminster – 136th Annual Show

Dates: February 13-14, 2012

Dogs Entered: 2,077

Best in Show: Pekingese dog GCh. Palacegarden Malachy ‘Malachy’

Owners: Iris Love & Sandra Middlebrooks & David Fitzpatrick

Best in Show Judge: Cindy Vogels

Judge’s Comments: “’Seven worthy and wonderful dogs, but I only have one ribbon.’ Those were my words as I awarded Best in Show, and it was a daunting task to decide the ultimate winner at the 136th Westminster KC show … In the end, it was the Pekingese that owned the night. His magnificent head sits atop a proper big body, slung between heavy legs. He’s a small dog who ‘picks up heavy.’ He has an outstanding topline — short-coupled with a wonderful tailset. His carriage and character are all Pekingese, regal and alluring.” — Cindy Vogels


2011 Westminster – 135th Annual Show

Dates: February 14-15, 2011

Dogs Entered: 2,597

Best in Show: Scottish Deerhound bitch GCh. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind ‘Hickory’

Owners: Sally Sweatt & Cecilia L. Dove & Dr. R. Scott Dove

Best in Show Judge: Mr. Paolo Dondina

Judge’s Comments: “She has a very typical head with a regal expression, and a powerful and elegant long neck. The body shape is what we have seen in very ancient paintings and prints, with an ideal outline and good depth of chest. The correct type of coat for a hound that lives in the country. Ideal angulation. I couldn’t miss her unique movement: flexible, elegant, so balanced and powerful. The smart, great young handler campaigned this wonderful creature to the top. My satisfaction is complete now that I know Hickory, after this great win, will go live on a farm with her breeders, where this beautiful bitch, hopefully, will give birth to lovely puppies in the future.” — Paulo Dondina


2010 Westminster – 134th Annual Show

Dates: February 15-16, 2010

Dogs Entered: 2,500

Best in Show: Scottish Terrier bitch Ch. Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot ‘Sadie’

Owner: Amelia Musser

Best in Show Judge: Mr. Elliott B. Weiss

Judge’s Comments: “Let me start by sharing my view of her silhouette when I turned and viewed her on the table. There is nothing exaggerated to see and everything is in such balance that your eye is drawn to the overall picture and never to any of her parts. Her head is of proper length with parallel planes. Her neck is moderately short and blends into her cobby body in a smooth line. She has a high tail set with the point of the isocheim bones well behind, forming a shelf not seen often enough in the breed.  When she’s on the ground, one sees a strong neck blending smoothly into a thick-set body ending in a broad, strong hindquarter. She is equally pleasing to a hand examination. She has a wonderful head and expression, a large nose, big punishing teeth and a lot of strength in her forelace. Her shoulders are smooth and her forelegs set well under her. Her ribs carry far back into a short loin and her hindquarters are well muscled. She has the proper ground clearance to allow her to function over rough terrain … To sum it up, she is a total package. She is pleasing to the eye from any angle, both standing and moving. She is a pleasure to a hand exam, confirming what the eye sees.” — Elliott Weiss


2009 Westminster – 133rd Annual Show

Dates: February 9-10, 2009

Dogs Entered: 2,522

Best in Show: Sussex Spaniel dog Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee ‘Stump’

Owner: Cecilia Ruggles & Beth Dowd & Scott Sommer

Best in Show Judge: Sari Brewster Tietjen

Judge’s Comments: “The Sussex filled my eye and won my heart. He walked around that big ring as if he was going for a stroll in the park. Nothing seemed to faze him. His beautiful head, keen expression, solid build, good bone, correct topline and superlative condition meant that he could not be denied. I had no idea he was 10 years old as he was as spry as a youngster. We should all age as well as he has!” — Sari Brewster Tietjen




2008 Westminster – 132nd Annual Show

Dates: February 11-12, 2008

Dogs Entered: 2,627

Best in Show: 15″ Beagle dog Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First ‘Uno’

Owners: Caroline Dowell & Eddie Dzuik & Jon Woodring & Kathy Weichert

Best in Show Judge: Dr. J. Donald Jones

Judge’s Comments: “I chose the 15-inch Beagle for the Best in Show award. I felt that this dog was more nearly perfect than any dog I have ever judged. He was correct Beagle type; his locomotion was flawless, his expression in face and eyes was just about perfect, and all of his parts were correct and worked together with precision. He was balanced while moving in any direction, and he stood with confidence and style. His presence and presentation were impressive, and he and his handler were a perfect team, each seeming to anticipate what was expected of the other. His personality was magnetic and infectious, which gave the impression of his wishing to please and go to work with a happy spirit. It was a pleasure to judge him and an honor to choose him for Best in Show.” — Dr. J. Donald Jones




2007 Westminster – 131st Annual Show

Dates: February 12-13, 2007

Dogs Entered: 2,632

Best in Show: English Springer Spaniel dog Ch. Felicity’s Diamond Jim ‘James’

Owners: Teresa Patton, Allen Patton, Ruth Dehmel & Diana Hadsall

Best in Show Judge: Dr. Robert A. Indeglia

Judge’s Comments: “All were mesmerizing. In fact, I did not completely decide on the winner until the last go around. The Springer conforms to his breed standard as closely as any dog I have judged. His movement was symphonic with all parts moving as the ultimate of form and function. On this particular evening, he was most deserving to be awarded Best in Show at Westminster, to follow in the same tradition of those wonderful dogs that have preceded him in the winner’s circle.” — Dr. Robert A. Indeglia





2006 Westminster – 130th Annual Show

Dates: February 13-14, 2006

Dogs Entered: 2,622

Best in Show: Bull Terrier dog Ch. Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid ‘Rufus’

Owners: Barbara Bishop & W. F. Poole & N. Shepherd & R. P. Pool & Dorothy Cherry

Best in Show Judge: James G. Reynolds

Judge’s Comments: “The final decision was literally made in the last 30 seconds, as I went back and forth between three exhibits — and no, I won’t say who the other two were. In the end it was the Colored Bull Terrier ‘Rufus’ who carried the night. I have never seen him look as good. He was in hard condition, moved as a Bull Terrier should, and ‘Oh, that head and front.’  I never saw him move even an iota out of a stack which showed all of his attributes; indeed he didn’t make a ‘ripple,’ but kept reinforcing his strength and unique breed characteristics to cap an outstanding career.” — James G. Reynolds



2005 Westminster – 129th Annual Show

Dates: February 14-15, 2005

Dogs Entered: 2,572

Best in Show: German Shorthaired Pointer bitch Ch. Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn Roses ‘Carlee’

Owners: J Linda & Richard Stark, Carol Cronk & Valerie Nunes-Atkinson

Best in Show Judge: Mrs. Lynette Saltzman

Judge’s Comments: “This assignment was no easy task, although I could not have gone wrong pointing to any one of those seven dogs. However, in the end I selected the German Shorthaired Pointer, Ch. Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn Roses. Despite comments to the contrary, it was not her performance that won the day, but rather her type and soundness. She was clearly a bitch, and one that could easily spend the day in the field doing whatever was required of her. Her ground-covering gait was displayed to perfection in the Garden’s huge ring, and she never placed a foot wrong when coming to a stop. Her intelligent, animated expression and beautiful condition were the frosting on the cake.” — Lynette Saltzman


2004 Westminster – 128th Annual Show

Dates: February 9-10, 2004

Dogs Entered: 2,631

Best in Show: Newfoundland dog Ch. Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch Cove ‘Josh’

Owners: Peggy Helming & Carol Bernard Bergmann

Best in Show Judge: Mr. Burton J. Yamada

Judge’s Comments: “’Josh’ was magnificent this year. Last year he faded in the BIS ring and was passed over. This year was a different story, as he glided around the ring, poised to perfection and actually asked for the win. The usually placid and easygoing dog seemed to just catch fire. In response to the crowd cheering for him, on the last inspection, he pulled himself up like a stallion and looked me straight in the eye. He was not about to be passed over again. Then on the individual go-around he barked and announced to the crowd and the other dogs that he was here to win. He owned the arena. He could win on his perfect conformation and movement alone, but that was a magnificent performance that’ll remember the rest of my life as that of the consummate show dog.” — Burton J. Yamada


2003 Westminster – 127th Annual Show

Dates: February 10-11, 2003

Dogs Entered: 2,636

Best in Show: Kerry Blue Terrier dog Ch. Torums Scarf Michael ‘Mick’

Owner: Marilu Hansen

Best in Show Judge: Mrs. Irene Bivin

Judge’s Comments: “I had only seen the Kerry Blue Terrier from a distance a couple of times, and had not been impressed with him from afar. The moment I put my hands on him and felt the structure, the conditioning, the coat texture and the almost electric current that runs through him, that opinion changed. I was absolutely mesmerized by the time I completed that examination — chills ran down my spine and goose bumps on my neck. It was a feeling I shall always remember, and then as he moved that feeling was magnified. It may have been just me, but I truly felt I was witnessing a perfect performance by a great dog. All the other finalists were superior specimens … but on this night this dog personified what every Westminster BIS judge would like to find: a great dog with a perfect performance. It was my great pleasure to be the one to point at him.” — Irene Bivin


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