Party Time for Dogs!

Make your dog's hair the hit of your next get-together.

Spring is here and you’re having a party. Donna Holtzer, owner of Donna’s Grooming in Holiday, FL, has some hints on getting your pet decked out for the festivities once she has been bathed and brushed. “There are so many things you can do to let your pet be part of the party,” Holtzer says. “Fabric stores have wonderful ribbon to make festive bows. You can combine pieces of tulle netting with different ribbons and attach it to the head, ears, or collar with a latex band. You can also use a light coat of hairspray with a little shake of glitter for a pixie dust look.” Don’t forget to cover your dog’s eyes when using hairspray.

For spring gatherings, she suggests buying small silk flowers and hot-gluing them to the bows you’ve either made of bought and then attaching them to the fur with latex bands. You can also purchase an inexpensive nylon collar and add silk flowers or party beads.

Some dogs leave adornments alone; others don’t. Use decorative collars and bows only if you know your dog won’t pull them off and ingest them.

Holtzer, a competitor in creative styling contests, uses non-permanent color on dog’s coat, too. “Many beauty supply stores sell temporary color that brushes on like mascara,” she says. “Just don’t get the dog wet and let her on your carpet. Since the color isn’t permanent, it will run and wash out.”

If your dog has exposed toenails, Holtzer suggests gluing nail jewels to the toenails for a little flash  again, only if your dog is not a chewer.

Another fun idea is to use a cardboard stencil to add a little color to your dog’s fur. Make sure to use non-permanent color that washes out. Use simple pastel oil chalks to add a safe dusting of color.

As in fashion, the rule to remember is “less is more,” so have a little fun, and you don’t be surprised if the hit of your party is your pet.

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