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The Ocicat looks wild, but its heart and temperament are purely domestic.

Cat Fancy- Ocicat Personalities- January 2011

It can be difficult to tell what exactly goes through a cat’s head sometimes, but in the case of Sky, it was probably along the lines of “Just eat it.” Because that’s exactly what she did.


It wasn’t her first offense, either. She was a chronic food stealer, but she learned the hard way that there is food — and then there is food.

“Whenever I was cooking, she was right there to get it,” says Jacqui Bennett, a Georgia breeder and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) breed council secretary. “It didn’t matter when she’d last eaten. She was curious about everything. There was nothing she wouldn’t eat. I was cooking some cheese-stuffed fried jalapeños and she had to steal one. I bent down to pick it up and she gobbled it down as fast as she could. Her expression when she realized she’d eaten a jalapeño was absolutely priceless. She almost buried her head in the water bowl, and each time she came up [for air], she yelled at me. I felt awful for her. But, it didn’t deter her because, two weeks later, she was right back stealing people food again.”

In fairness to Sky, she’s not alone. She’s a very typical Ocicat. Colorado breeder Dian Darr also reports that her crafty Ocicats have swiped thawing meat out of her kitchen sink, even after she had taken the precaution of covering it with a pan lid.

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